Operational Transition


The closing process signals the end of the project. Several steps must be taken to ensure proper closing. This not only includes a formal acceptance of what’s been delivered and the disbanding of the elements that were required to run the project, but ensuring that staff are trained to use the new processes properly.

Value Proposition

  • We help clients meet stakeholders expectations in terms of time, quality, costs and scope. Expectations should be met at all levels, including Customers, Users, Employees and Benefits.
  • We provide the stakeholders with the right tools to evaluate projects. This allows clients to look at the project achievements and compare them to what was in the original plan (costs, schedule and outcome). We identify any deviations from the original plan and justify them. Once accepted, we can initiate the project maintenance plans.
  • Project completion: We assist clients to finish any outstanding project work and prepare the project closure meeting. We also provide confidential performance appraisals for each team member involved in the project.
  • Process improvement: Clients can learn from what worked and what didn’t during the project from the feedback we provide. We also ensure that the new standards are implemented and used properly through relevant training. We can also make recommendations for future projects based on what we learnt through the process.